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Board Chair Assessment Survey

Please fill out the 2020-21 Board Chair Assessment Survey below by May 4, 2021.

1. Guides and directs the governance process, centering on Mission - Vision - Values.*
2. Works with committee chairs to align work with mission and vision.*
3. Participates as an ex-officio member of committees.*
4. Plays a pivotal role in orienting new board members, mentoring and ensuring continuing education for entire board.*
5. Participates in the recruitment of new board members.*
Relationship with the CEO:
6. Acts as a sounding-board and mentor for the CEO.*
7. Creates a positive working relationship with the CEO.*
8. Leads an effective process for the performance evaluation of the CEO.*
Relationship with directors and external stakeholders:
9. Is an appropriate role model for directors.*
10. Has a positive working relationship with other directors.*
11. Acts as a sounding-board for directors.*
12. Has the support of the other directors*
13. Ensures the board is aware of their organizational activities outside board meetings.*
14. Develops and maintains relationships with external stakeholders (MOHLTC, LHIN, community partners).*
15. Understands what is required of a Chair.*
16. Brings relevant experience to the position of Chair.*
17. Ensures that the board gets the right information.*
18. Ensures the board deals with the right matters in a timely manner.*
19. Leads the board in its performance responsibilities.*
20. Dedicates sufficient time to the Chair's role.*
21. Is well-prepared for chairing meetings.*
22. Makes time available to participate in organizational occasions.*
Chairing Meetings
23. Manages time well in chairing meetings.*
24. Sticks to the agenda.*
25. Brings minor matters to an early close.*
26. Encourages wider and deeper discussion of key issues.*
27. Draws out contributions from all directors.*
28. Encourages collegiality.*
29. Is adept at summarizing outcomes from board discussions.*
30. Ensures clarity of decision-making.*
General Comments
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