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Case Management

A case manager is a professional who works closely with individuals and families to develop personalized care plans that meet their unique needs. They are a key point of contact for clients, offering guidance, advocacy, and resources to help them navigate the challenges of mental illness and addiction.

A case manager's role is to provide a wide range of support services, from basic needs like housing and transportation to more complex issues like accessing healthcare and therapy. They work closely with clients to identify their goals and develop strategies for achieving them, and they serve as a liaison between the client and other service providers, such as doctors, therapists, and social workers.

Case managers also play a critical role in crisis intervention, helping clients who are experiencing acute mental health or addiction problems. They are trained to recognize warning signs and respond quickly to prevent a crisis from escalating, providing emergency support and connecting clients with appropriate services and resources.

With their expertise and support, clients can achieve their goals, build resilience, and take control of their lives.





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