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Get to know our Board members

Roger Haley: Board Chair

Roger Haley: Board Chair

Roger loves hockey. He has played and coached throughout his life, including at the college level while studying nursing at St. Lawrence College. During that time, he worked at the Brockville Psychiatric Hospital as a Psychiatric Nursing Assistant – his first introduction to the world of mental health and addictions. “I’m pleased to see the stigma attached to getting mental health support is lifting. Everyone is starting to pay attention.”

Roger moved on to a 30-year career as a provincial negotiator with the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. Since 2006, Roger has also served as Mayor for the Township of Front of Yonge. Until recently, he sat on the Lanark, Leeds & Grenville District Health Unit Board and was Board Chair of the Seniors’ Support Services - Community Primary Health Care (CPHC).

One of Roger’s favourite parts of the game of hockey is coaching. In his role as LLGAMH’s new Board Chair, Roger says he wants to support the new Board and CEO as they navigate a new path together. “I know a lot of the team and they’ve done a good job. Now it’s time for some fresh ideas as we continue on the journey.”

Roger has lived halfway between Brockville and Mallorytown for his whole life. He currently lives half a mile from where he grew up.

Roger’s motto: Get up every morning and say ‘What am I going to learn today?’

Shelley Bacon: Director

Shelley Bacon: Director

Shelley believes in taking what comes and accepting change for what it is. His long career in the engineering and manufacturing field has taken him from his roots in Quebec to southern Ontario to the local area. For the past 37 years, he has lived near Smiths Falls where he launched and developed Northern Cables. This power cable manufacturer now employs 250 people in the area. “From beginning to end, I’ve done it all with this business from accounting to selling to whatever need to be done to get the job done.”

Shelley brings that same attitude to his volunteer work. For example, he represents the City of Prescott on the St. Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission which brings seven townships together to encourage economic development.

As a father and local employer, Shelley knows there is a need for services such as the ones that LLGAMH provides. “We see employees that experience difficult times. It’s very hard and we are very concerned. Sometimes trying to help them isn’t easy.”

Shelley lives in South Elmsley Township and enjoys his cottage on the Upper Rideau.

Shelley’s motto: Every experience teaches valuable lessons.

Scott  Coombes: Chair, Resources Committee

Scott Coombes: Chair, Resources Committee

Scott grew up in Brockville and then spent time in Toronto, New Zealand, and Ottawa before returning home with his young family five years ago. He says he is happy to be back in Brockville and giving back through volunteer work.

Scott is a Chartered Accountant and an Investment Advisor at BMO Nesbitt Burns. He has served on the Board of the YMCA of Eastern Ontario since 2018 and was involved in the merger between the Brockville and Kingston associations. He now sits on its Finance Committee.

He brings significant financial expertise to the Board and is Chair of the Resources Committee. “We want to ensure solid, transparent governance and financial oversight as LLGAMH continues to evolve.”

Scott and his wife live in Brockville with their two young daughters.

Scott’s motto: Work hard at everything you do.

Carole  Dufort: Director

Carole Dufort: Director

Carole has dedicated her life to education and working with families. Her career has taken her from Montreal to Chapleau to the local area where she has worked as an educator, principal, author, and administrator.
She also worked at the Ontario Ministry of Education supporting the implementation of provincial mental health and well-being policies and initiatives.

Carole served as Chair of the Upper Canada District School Board’s Champion for Kids Foundation, which raised more than one million dollars for kids and families facing financial barriers. In 2013, Carole was selected as one of Canada’s outstanding principals and received the Director’s Excellence Award for excellence in education. She retired in 2017.

Through her work on the LLGAMH Board, Carole hopes to focus on equity and inclusiveness, ensuring that services are respectful and meet the needs of smaller, rural communities. “Through my work, I have had an opportunity to see that policies, procedures, and fiscal practices must be aligned to ensure that grassroots work happens in the best interests of clients.”

Lanark, Leeds and Grenville has been Carole’s home for the past 30 years and she now lives near Perth on Black Lake.

Carole’s motto is a quote from Marvin J. Ashton: If we could look into each other’s heart and understand the unique challenges each of us face, I think we would treat each other much more gently, with more love, patience, tolerance and care.

Ron  Holman: Director

Ron Holman: Director

Ron brings three decades of community service experience to the LLGAMH Board. He served as Mayor of Rideau Lakes Township for 28 years during a period of rapid municipal change and modernization.

Ron says he hopes to bring some of that same momentum to LLGAMH. “The pressures today are greater and will only increase. We need to have a broad mind to see what’s possible and what is best for the clients we serve.”

Ron also served as Chair of the Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA), touring the province, and advocating for the interests of rural Ontario. He says he learned a lot about how needs vary and what strategies have been implemented to support those with mental health and addictions challenges.

He has extensive volunteer experience and has served on many local community Boards, with a focus in long-term care, social housing, and health care.

Ron lives in Rideau Ferry and loves the Rideau Lakes area.

Ron’s motto: Anticipate tomorrow and be prepared.

Paul  Howard: Director

Paul Howard: Director

Paul came to Smiths Falls in 1976 to set up a law practice and he has been there ever since. He has practiced law for 45 years, focusing on municipal, real estate, and wills and estates. He has also specialized in criminal, civil, and family law. It was there that he saw the effects of mental health and addiction challenges on his clients and their families.

Paul has always been committed to his local community, volunteering with numerous organizations, and serving as a town councillor for eight years. He was involved with the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital in various leadership capacities from 1988 to 2014. He chaired the Board when the two hospitals amalgamated to create a regional hospital. Paul also sat on the Kingston General Hospital Board.

Paul and his wife Donna live in downtown Smiths Falls when not travelling the world (about 80 countries and counting) or spending time on the golf course.

Paul’s motto: Keep going!

Alison  Inglis: Director

Dr. Alison Inglis: Director

One of Dr. Alison Inglis’s first jobs after graduate school was in the Child and Family Studies Department at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto (then known as The Clarke Institute of Psychiatry). She remembers working alongside talented and dedicated clinicians and being inspired by their passion for working with clients to help them thrive. Since then, supporting children and youth has been her passion as well.

For the past 16 years, Alison has been the Chief Psychologist at the Upper Canada District School Board. She also works with the Board’s Living Well Committee, to prepare and implement the Board's Mental Health Strategy. She sees first-hand the positive health impacts of getting the right help at the right time but also how difficult it can be to navigate the mental health system: “It’s a complex system”.

In Brockville, Alison sits on the “Community Youth Initiative" committee. It includes agencies and services focused on supporting at-risk youth. She is a Community Trainer for Eastern Ontario's Violent Threat Risk Assessment Community Protocol. She is also a member of the Lanark, Leeds, Grenville Special Needs Strategy steering committee and is currently co-chair on that committee.

Twenty-five years ago, Alison moved to Brockville from Toronto to be closer to family and because she thought it would be a good place to raise a family. She says it is one of the best decisions she ever made.

Alison’s motto: Together we’re better (though lately “This too shall pass” runs a close second!)

Candace  Kaine: Director

Candace Kaine: Director

Throughout her 32-year career in correctional and youth justice services, Candace Kaine has seen the impact of empathy. “Everyone can make a difference and you never know when something you do makes an impact. Try to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”

Candace studied criminology and psychology and her work has connected her with various addictions services, detox programs, shelters, and mental health service providers. “I saw many clients for whom there did not seem to be appropriate community supports, which led to a cycle of admissions to correctional facilities, inpatient treatment, and homelessness.”

Most recently, she was the Probation Manager for Brockville, Cornwall, and Pembroke Youth Justice Services. As a client advocate, Candace brings a wealth of experience and understanding about the need for good community programs to help clients live safe and productive lives.

Candace moved to the area in 2003. She and her husband live in Elizabethtown where she has a passion for yoga and travel.

Candace’s motto: Be optimistic. We can do hard things.

Christina  Latifi: Director

Christina Latifi: Director

Christina believes that we all have it in us - and sometimes we just need to believe. Her desire to always help others led her to earn a degree in psychology at the University of Ottawa. She has worked with couples, women, and most recently, young adults. Christina is a psychotherapist at Algonquin College’s Perth campus and serves on the college’s Mental Health Steering Committee. She is also the Registrar at the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. “Mental health is often taken for granted because it’s not visible or tangible,” she explains. “We need to use resources effectively to support others. Having compassionate views can only help our community.”

As a single mother, Christina also has a strong interest in supporting women. She served as Executive Director at West Island Women’s Centre in Montreal, which offered a safe space for women to learn and grow.

Christina moved to Almonte four years ago after living in Ottawa and Montreal. She loves the friendliness and serenity of the area.

Christina’s motto: Just do it.

Cait  Maloney: Chair, Governance Committee

Cait Maloney: Chair, Governance Committee

Cait's first summer job was working as a clerk in a hospital emergency department. She says she realized that most people didn’t come in with just one problem. Things were often more complex and could involve factors such as poverty or mental health challenges. “At the age of 16, this really struck me and helped shape my thinking about the relationship between social and medical challenges.”

Cait went on to complete a biochemistry degree. She retired from a 30-year career as a federal regulator, including serving as Director General with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Most recently, she spent five years in Australia overseeing safety at the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation. In her volunteer work, Cait has served on a variety of Boards over the last 12 years and is completing a term on the Country Roads Community Health Centre Board in North Leeds.She is currently the co-chair of the Lanark, Leeds Grenville Collaborative Governance Forum for leaders of medical and social services organizations.

Part of Cait’s role as a regulator was to ensure that safety standards were met, and policies and procedures were followed. She will bring that expertise to LLGAMH as Chair of the Governance Committee. “We want to ensure that the Board is well-educated and that we have a good set of rules to live by.”

Cait lived in North Grenville for over 20 years but is a relative ‘newbie’ to Leeds, having moved to Westport in 2014.

Cait’s motto: Am I to make a positive difference?

Felicia  O’Hara: Director

Felicia O’Hara: Director

As a criminal lawyer, Felicia O’Hara has seen how people with addictions and mental health challenges often fall through the cracks. She says many of her clients are caught in a vicious circle. She believes agencies such as LLGAMH are vital and need appropriate resources to provide support.

Felicia has also seen the effects closer to home. Her daughter battled an opioid addiction for 10 years and has now been clean for more than five years. “If it wasn’t for an agency similar to LLGAMH, she probably might not even be here right now.”

These success stories have driven Felicia to do even more. She was involved with Girls Inc., an organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. And she says she is excited to be part of the LLGAMH Board to support those who have nowhere to turn.

Felicia moved to Canada from the U.K. in 1997. She now lives in Mallorytown and enjoys delving into the world of serial killers through books and documentaries.

Felicia’s motto: Treat everybody with respect because you don’t know their story.

David  Price: Board Vice Chair & Chair, Quality Committee

David Price: Board Vice Chair & Chair, Quality Committee

David has worked in the healthcare industry for more then 35 years, including the last 21 years at Queensway Carleton Hospital in Ottawa. His passion for those with mental health and addictions challenges has been heightened by his work in the hospital sector and the experiences of family and friends. “People suffering with addictions or mental health challenges do not have a broken bone that we can simply fix. Most have been battling their illness their whole life and I feel we need to do things differently, have great compassion, and ensure we provide support.”

David is Chair of the LLGAMH Quality Committee, bringing extensive experience sitting on quality committees and councils at Queensway Carleton Hospital, the College of Medical Imaging Technologist of Ontario, and a world-wide medical imaging vendor board. He says he wants to better understand the clients and their needs to ensure LLGAMH’s access points, programs, and outcomes match those needs. “The Quality Committee is excited to help the LLGAMH team support this goal.”

David and his wife Gillian live along the St Lawrence Seaway halfway between Prescott and Brockville in Leeds Grenville. David’s wife has an Intimate Micro Wedding business and David is a healthcare consultant. He is also ordained to officiate weddings in Ontario.

David’s motto: Always work hard, care about others and laugh every day.



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