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Wellness Program

We focus on YOUR overall well-being. The goal is to achieve an improved level of wellness through practice and healthy lifestyle education that includes fitness and nutrition.

Our physical activity programs are based on individual needs and wants. Staff are happy to participate with you, if requested. We offer both group activities and 1-on-1 fitness exercises. Our local Brockville YMCA is pleased to offer subsidized gym passes!

These programs are intended for individuals who have a mental disorder and who have chronic health conditions such as Diabetes; or those who are at high risk of developing Diabetes. Additionally, people who need support with developing a healthy and balanced lifestyle are always welcome to attend our programs.



Our staff provides nutritional and educational support to help you eat right! Meet with one of our coordinators to develop a healthy meal plan and follow-up with us every 5-6 weeks. These programs allow our clients to focus on healthy eating, drinking more water and eating appropriate portions. Our Drop-in Centre also has a nutrition group!


Weight loss:

Support for weight management is provided through supportive counselling and weekly weights and measurements if requested.

Consultation with a coordinator can be arranged.


Foot Clinic:

Our resource centre offers a monthly foot clinic for those interested. This service is provided by a professional Foot Care Nurse.

It is important to have your feet checked to prevent sores, infections and other problems. Especially, if you have Diabetes. Our foot clinic is supported by the Rideau-Valley Diabetic Clinic



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